Connections with Divination

Diviners in their native language

Rev. Joshua Klaus | Foundations of Divination | Ocean Seminary College | January 20, 2017


Eastern and Western Cultures with Divination

So many scholars and religious leaders have researched Divination. For purpose of this paper Divination should be known to be practices of the Occult who search to connect with God, Goddesses, Supreme beings or a higher power. Eastern and Western cultures have visualized and interpreted Divination in a variety of methods with unique tools as Archaeologists have uncovered over the years. Esoteric Christianity has opened subjectivity to those Christians around the world. This paper will explore historical and spiritual meanings of Dr. Barbara Tedlock. Barbara is a Distinguished Professor of Anthropology at the State University of New York at Buffalo where she teaches courses on the Maya and in psychological anthropology and religion, as well as holistic health and integrative medicine.

Dr. Barbara Tedlock brings to light in her research article, Divination as a Way of Knowing: Embodiment, Visualization, Narrative, and Interpretation. In the Eastern world, Greeks encouraged mantic behavior. Also, known as inspired behavior while the Romans did not. In Greek culture, it is believed the God, Prometheus gave what’s called a “gift” of Divination to humanity. To my knowledge, it was believed by Greek thinkers that Divinity existed as it was witnessed by people. Epilepsy for example was believed to be connected to Divination. This is one example as to why Romans possibly did not accept Divinity. They saw instability and confusion with symbolism and techniques in those who claimed to practice Divination. Romans were believers however of Oracle deities. Romans had their God’s and Goddesses and on that basis, worked or socialized with Greeks around this commonality of Divination.

In the Americas, Native Americans looked to birds and serpents as spiritual beings. The bird appeared to the American primitive as a spirit, in probability under the spell of some potent enchanter (a spell that might be broken only by some great sorcerer or medicine man.) Birds were known to be, good and of evil forces as seen by Natives and Romans. Divination by hypnosis was also well known in the Americas; as was dreams and visions in South and North America. Dr. Barbara Tedlock talks about the use of hallucinogenic substances in the Mayan community and how quartz crystals were introduced together to provoke lucid dreams as interpretations varied greatly of this Divination technique. Each of these cultures in the Americas provided their own tools of divination and multidimension inductive; interpretive ways of knowing.

Christianity today around the world largely dispels tools and instruments of Divination. Why? In the United States Paganism increases while Christianity has seen a decrease. Tools of Divination have proven, to many, a mystical truth of sorts that Christianity and many scholars just don’t have enough knowledge of ethnography of divination. Dr. Barbara Tedlock concludes the lack of ethnography has “not stopped scholars from attempting to explain away divination by placing it within evolutionist, diffusionist, ecological, or functionalist theories.” (Divination a Way of Knowing, Barbara Tedlock) I personally very much agree with Dr. Barbara Tedlock in her conclusion in her article. Esoteric Christianity is slowly acknowledging along with Catholic leaders that forms of Divination that connects human beings to spirit, is good to learn more of oneself through a current situation allowing for an individual to have knowledge for making better choices in the name of love, compassion and empathy for others. While some want to debate subjectivity and objectivity rather than work together to practice one true native theory of which resembles a person to appear as a Scientific Investigator.

The greatness of our country allows each person the freedom of religion. It has sustained and proven we can each practice our own spiritual techniques or belief in whatever supreme being we want; or not to believe in anything. Through Archeological discovery of historic Eastern and Western art time shows all cultures have some Divinity tools associated with their beliefs and God’s. This remains true in modern history. I feel regardless of your religious and spiritual beliefs one has the capacity and freedom to study and practice freely. More scholars in Divinity are reluctant to come forward in both the Western or Eastern communities in fear of telling truths with grave consequence of their professional reputation or character. More people are realizing the dangerous effect of modern medicine. My belief more people are turning to Divination in hopes of becoming dependent with tools and meditative holistic techniques rather than co-dependency on modern medicine.