Climate Affecting Humanity

How the Climate Impacts My Ecosystem

Rev. Joshua Klaus | Ecology & The Sacred | January 25, 2017


How Climate effects my Ecosystem

Our climate historically changes over time. It’s proven, Scientifically, to be changing now. Why do you and I take for granted the wonderful resources offered by mother nature? How has it effected my Ecosystem around me? And, why in the world are most humans not significantly trying to stop bad habits to protect the gifts nature has to offer our children and future generations to come? These are just a select few questions I have raised through my observations this past week. In this paper I will go onto to share my observations, exploring these questions I now make you ponder for yourself.


Recently upon my time studying and doing research for my Ministry listening to some good lectures there was this one that struck me deep in my heart. Rev. Michael Dowd, a “pro-future” Evangelist, has some quite compelling lectures in regards to the future of humanity.  Also during this period of my life, I’ve been assigned to closely observe the climate around me. This week we have had temperatures in the 50’s towards the end of January? My back yard is “squishy” not even frozen. I remember the ground would be frozen stiff growing up. Ecology shows us global warming is very much real. I watch my son get so excited for a snow day from school, only there to be three inches this week. Most of it sleet. I took a walk into the woods. I found so much liter. (Trash) I found cigarette butts all around on the sidewalk and the road out front after the snow melted. I see asphalt all around. The road is paved as is my driveway and parking area. In the brook, out back I see not a lot, but some pieces of trash clinging onto a stick here and there. I see remanence of smashed pumpkins from this Halloween that my son and a friend took out back after Halloween. The liter I spoke of, the asphalt, and everything else I look around to see was all manufactured by the very resources we will someday lose due to our lack of conservation and respect. I have never stepped back to observe my Ecosystem and the damage; the abuse, we are doing to earth until this week. We are abusing Mother Nature in my observation. I have asked Universe to forgive me; I have asked God to forgive me.


Like I just finished saying, I asked for forgiveness. From who? From Universe. From God. From the Higher Power. Whatever Deity or central figure there is, I’ve honestly asked for forgiveness. Gosh, when I was a child I remember winters to have been much more cold than it is now. I remember when we would get snow more consistently than we do now. My son only knows of stories from my childhood of how it was in the winter. Now many years have gone by where the ground, the soil, freezes then thaws. Prematurely in my opinion. Clearly living in New England this is abnormal for me to see.  I remember snow days bringing my childhood feet of snow by January. I’ve realized how many bad habits many of us have that effect the ecosystem. We have all contributed to the extreme depletion of our resources, climate and sustainability of this planet. If you have never truly observed your interaction or relationship with your Ecosystem, I strongly beg of you to do it. Why? Well, this mess wasn’t created by just a handful of people. It was not even created by a single generation of people. The fate of this planet is grave if we don’t come together and stop abusing our natural resources.

My first thought is we need to humble ourselves and conserve on our resources. For years, people have been trying to clean up, create renewable energy etc. There’s simply not enough people doing it! I see the need for participation to be increased, to save this planet now, so future generations don’t live in an environment where it feels like “hell on earth” so to speak. Honestly now think about that.

We have so much technology but where does it come from? It comes from what earth must offer. Well, should we not recycle other items than our bottles, bags, and other materials? I’m talking about the circle of life. We use natural resources to create life as we know it. I think we need to use our advances to save the future of humanity. Would that not be recycling, while conserving? I believe it is a way to slow down the destruction of our Ecosystem. God gave us everything we see and have. Universe gave us everything we see and have. Whatever you prefer to say is up to you. The point is here, we are taking advantage of our gifts. How is this love? It’s not. When two people in a relationship are together and one or both abuse each other, I’ve given the advice and received counsel in the same that abuse is NOT love. It just isn’t. Where there is love, we show respect and empathy. God wants us to love everyone. What better way to show people we love them than by coming together to show humanity today and in the future, we love them; we tried saving our Earth. As of right now how history will look back at us, doesn’t look good. We will look barbaric to humanity 500 years from now. If humanity makes it that long.


Author: revjoshuaklaus

Current Seminarian of Inter Religious Studies Masters of Divinity; Certificates in Divination and Pastoral Care. Pastor at St. Adele's Universal Life Church and Divine Ministry.